In addition to MTH trains we also carry MTH Realtrax, structures and accessories. Please call for availability! We are also an Authorized MTH Service Center!

Engines and Sets Rolling Stock Accessories & Misc.

Number Condition Description Our Price Notes
20-20137-1NEWPremier Union Pacific SD40T-2 #2838 $409.99ProtoSound 2.0/DCS
20-20167-1NEWPremier Union Pacific Veranda Turbine Freight Set$949.99ProtoSound 3.0/DCS
20-20354-1NEWPremier Great Northern E8 ABA Set $699.99ProtoSound 3.0/DCS
20-20382-1NEWPremier BNSF AC4400cw Diesel Engine #5609$439.99ProtoSound 3.0/DCS
20-20411-1NEWPremier KCS SD40-2 #695$459.99ProtoSound 3.0/DCS
20-20412-1NEWPremier Milwaukee Road Bicentennial SD40-2 #156$459.99ProtoSound 3.0/DCS
20-20421-1NEWPremier BNSF Dash-8 Diesel Freight Boxed Set $749.99ProtoSound 3.0/DCS
20-3477-1NEWPremier Union Pacific UP Challenger #3711 $1329.99ProtoSound 3.0/DCS
20-3481-1NEWPremier Union Pacific UP Challenger #3980 $1329.99ProtoSound 3.0/DCS
20-3535-1NEWPremier Union Pacific FEF Northern #844 Streamlined Passenger Set $1349.99ProtoSound 3.0/DCS
20-5668-1NEWBe 6/8 II Crocodile Electric Engine $854.99ProtoSound 3.0/DCS
30-20031-1NEWRailking Amtrak RDC Budd Set $369.99ProtoSound 3.0/DCS
30-20141-1NEWRailking BNSF SW1500 #3439 $284.99ProtoSound 3.0/DCS
30-20142-1NEWRailking Alaska ARR SW1500 #1556 $284.99ProtoSound 3.0/DCS
30-4220-1NEWRailking BNSF SD70ACe Diesel Freight Set$409.99ProtoSound 3.0/DCS
30-4225-1NEWRailking Union Pacific SD70ACe Diesel Freight Set$409.99ProtoSound 3.0/DCS
30-5119-1NEWRailking Septa PCC Street Car$217.99ProtoSound 2.0/DCS

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