This is only a partial listing of what we have in stock. For more rolling stock, sets, accessories & track please give us a call for availability!

Number Condition Description Retail Our Price Notes
41c8Army Switcher$135All struts present. W/ c3 box & inst.
50c7Operating Gang Car$95repaired post for man & 1 repro blue man. W/ c8 box & inst.
60c7Trolley$125blue lettering
93c7Water Tower$50Nice decal. w/c7 Box (missing 1 flap)
97c7Coal Elevator$200Works good, nice rewired controller
114c7Newstand w/Horn$100w/90 Controller, repro windows & man
164-64c7Box of Logs$60c7 box w/ 5 logs
202c6Union Pacific Alco Diesel$95Runs good
221 SETc8221 Gray Steam w/cars$475221/221T, 2411 Flat (repro logs),2452 Gondola,2465 Tankcar, 2472 Caboose. w/c3-c5 boxes. Near perfect original decals & paint on tender & engine.
364c7Lumber Loader$150w/envelope, 364C, logs, instr. & wire
394c7Rotatting Beacon$40C4 box, original beacon & instructions
397c7Coal Loader (v.2)$125w/364C & new Lionel coal bag
610 SETc7Erie Switcher w/cars$225610 switcher,6012 gondola,6014 boxcar,6015 tankcar, 6017 caboose, no boxes - consignment
2026c62-6-2 Steam Type 1$125w/6466WX Tender
2055c74-6-4 Steam Type 1$175w/6026W Tender
2240c6.5Wabash F3 A-B$600
2343c7.5Santa Fe F3 A-A Type 1$350Great decals, clean battery compartment, missing some portal windows
2346c8B&M GP-9 Diesel$425
2562c7Santa Fe Vista Dome (#1)$250
2562c7Santa Fe Vista Dome (#2)$250
2563c7Santa Fe Coach$250
3359c8Dump Car$50no bin or coal
3370c7Sheriff & Outlaw Car$85w/c4 box (missing flaps)
3386c7Bronx Zoo Giraff Car$30giraff has bothe ears, missing track trip
3424c8Wabash Operating Boxcar$85original blue man, 1 telltale, 027 & O contactor
3434c7Poultry Dispatch Car Type 1$95
3444c7Erie Cop & Hobo Gondola$75Slightly worn lettering on 1 side
3451c7Lumber Car$45
3464c7NYC Operating Boxcar$35
3672c8Bosco Milk Car$375Yellow-painted version, both decals excellent, repro brown/yellow platform & 5 Bosco milk cans
3927c7Track Cleaning Car$85Original bottles, repro cleaning pads
6822c7Searchlight Car$50gray top/black searchlight, original man
KWc7190W Transformer$125new cord/good rollers
SWc7130W Transformer$80good cord
ZWc7275W Transformer$225vintage replacement cord/new rollers
Type Vc7150W Transformer$150new cord

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